пятница, 27 мая 2011 г.

Greenwich park shooting

This shooting actually was done before that one in Hyde park. I just had lots of work so that's why post and predentation of new pictures was a bit delayed. 
Thanx to wonderful girl Michelle (here is her blog)
I already worke with her but it was at the beginning of this year maybe in November. 

I think I'm totally in love with that park and that area in general. It is just like small town! It 
is so beautiful, just amasing. I want to have one more shoot there but nearby Blackheah village.

And here are some november pictures which I for some rason didn't show here. I hope it is because wrong system cz I keep on uploading pictures without any order so my old and new ones are mixed. Niiiice.

And this one is my favourite. 

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