воскресенье, 13 марта 2011 г.

Recent news

I've mentioned previously about my fortunate portfolio review in LCF. I'm quite relaxed now even though it is not the best time for it.
My ABC course is still going and I have to think of lots of stuff for example my final review, competition and final exhibition in June.
For competition I need to make a shot for a client but to get access to him is impossible especially to mine which is London Underground. God loves me!I prayed to get smth else but LU and it is exactly what I've got.
Anyway tomorrow it is time to start it. But before tomorrow comes I'm popping around the kitchen and doing some random shit

Here is smth new what I used also for my portfolio. This is my 2nd male model in my whole life. I'm pretty pleased with the final result. Probably I'll keep on working with guys more.
Model is a nice guy Jay who is a musician, actor and also a model

enjoy! :)

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